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Samsung Galaxy X Presented At MWC 2017

Galaxy X Manual

The Korean House has plans to launch a serious challenge to the market for the year 2017: on the one hand the Samsung Galaxy S 8, on which have come rumors-date, and on the other hand the Samsung Galaxy X, which should present a foldable display.

These are two devices that would not only impact positively on the market but also revive the brand ' Samsung ', which seems to be affected much of what happened to the 7 Notes (might skip the entire series and start a new line).

Samsung Galaxy X Manual

The presentation of the highly anticipated Galaxy S8 should take place in the usual frame of the Mobile World Congress, as well as for the Galaxy X, according to rumors spread by Bloomberg. Reliable updates and rumors around the top range Samsung Galaxy S8 are essentially two. The first concerns the type of device that you want to launch on the market: there will be a ' normal ' S8 with AMOLED 5.1 inch diagonal and curved QuadHD resolution (2 k); There will then be an AMOLED display with curved and S8 Plus always 5.5 inches diagonal and resolution but in 4 k (3840 x 2,160 pixels).

This second model will be especially useful for those who will use Gear VR and virtual reality. AThese rumors are added, the ones we know already: 30 MPixel camera (hoax or reality?) and 6 GB RAM (probabilism). And clearly isn't everything. The rumors on Samsung Galaxy S8 also speak of the presence of a narrator (the challenge is to ' Siri '), which should be developed by Viv Lab, the factory recently detected by Samsung, in which engineers and engineers coming from Apple.

The Narrator is called Live at and promises a highly developed artificial intelligence and a possibility of ' conversation '. I mean, this is expected to contribute positively to overcome the impasse caused by the terrible disaster of  Note 7. The Samsung Galaxy S 8 could be presented already in February 2017 (or spring) and specifications seem to already be familiar, at least the most important ones. These are rumors, however, even if we analyze only those more ' reliable '. First, the design: the Galaxy S8 should be launched only in Edge version, which seems to please the general public. Secondly, the display: AMOLED, 4 k resolution, and density of 806ppi.

Galaxy X Tutorial

Pretty good, huh? Then, the camera back should be double, in order not to leave too much space to Huawei. Finally, we talk about 6 GB of RAM, battery, enhancement of a chip Exynos 8895 completely revolutionized in the same building. In short, the Samsung wants to place top range again best of the year. And the Samsung Galaxy X? Read more about galaxy x manual: here.

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