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Nintendo NX News And Guide

There are very few days that Nintendo finally decided to introduce its new console, hybrid between desktop and laptop to try, once again, to innovate in a market very saturated with similar proposals. After numerous data filtration and even with an already established idea of your design, you just need to Nintendo to send a press release to quote us a presentation event, presumably online.

Nintendo NX News

After the recent rumors that talked about that there are at least 20 games in development for Nintendo NX, including titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Final Fnatasy VII Remake and new releases of Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, now a global fund firm brings to the table that could have been given to know from their own sources and information which may affect the value of the shares of Nintendo.

Macquarie, an Australian global investment fund, has degraded the interest of the Nintendo company's one step above a "neutral" step by the disappointment that the price of the console to the volume of sales, placing it at a price ranging between 300 and 350 dollars.

The firm also bet that it will be the week that comes when the console is presented, and that would be in a line of recent rumors that put Yes or Yes the official announcement of the system for the month of October, before the next meeting of shareholders.

Finally, Macquarie also believes that Nintendo has lost a great opportunity with Super Mario Run by limiting its release to iOS platforms and Chinese blocking its presence in the market, pointing out that it will only have a range of 40% of the total amount of the cake market. Remember that Super Mario Run is a title that agreement with Apple, will be available this Christmas exclusively on iPhone and iPad, but that will then be on Android.

With all these reasons, the investment firm has cut the value of the shares of Nintendo from 27,300 yen to the 25.00 Yen estimate for when NX is presented.


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