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Apple Is Preparing The Withdrawal Of IPhone 8 Home Button

After checking how Apple has replaced its mechanical 7 iPhone home button, it is easy to see that in a next-generation phone we find the complete disappearance of this element almost "iconic" Cupertino company mobile. If you've had an iPhone for earlier generations to which is it have spoiled the home button (this has been one of the elements that have more problems on the iPhone) you'll know that the solution is to activate the home screen button that iOS offers among its accessibility features. As well, today it has been known that Apple already has a more permanent virtual replacement for your home button and that on 7 iPhone is already activated automatically when it detects that the touch pad does not work.

iPhone 8 Rumors

At least that is what ensures a user of the discussion forums on the web site specializing in Apple, MacRumors, which released a picture of the screen that appears when the touch pad stops working on iPhone 7. If this happens and the system is able to detect it, the Apple mobile screen displays a message explaining that the button may require you to take the iPhone to service, but meanwhile offers you the possibility of using a home button on screen. As in previous versions of iOS, you can activate the floating home in the accessibility options button, but there is an option to turn this virtual button that appears when the primary fails.

As you know, the latest iPhone 7 does not have a mechanical button but rather use a touch pad but this is separate from the screen with an external piece which is additionally the fingerprint reader incorporates. This button provides the feeling of a physical click thanks to engine haptic (a system that makes phone provides tactile feel and is an evolution of the usual vibration motors) and you can adjust the strength of the "click" button.

Thus, the home button and the fingerprint reader are separate from the screen, but the latest rumors indicate that Apple is behind integrate fingerprint reader directly under the screen, which would make the front of the iPhone 8 a completely smooth surface and a mobile phone without the current frames. Obviously, this technology would require a home button on the screen, as you can see, Apple is already preparing.  


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