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iOS 9.3 New Features

Apple iOS

Apple iOS

Having poured a series of beta, Apple has finally released iOS 9.3 final. Brought a number of new features, why have this update is downloaded? Since January, Apple has sent a beta version of iOS 9.3 to developers. After seven times the update, the final version of the operating system is finally released at the launch of the iPhone SE.

A number of new features brought improvements iOS 9.3. This is the reason for this update is feasible installed in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As a new feature that can be enjoyed include:

1. Night Shift

For those of you who are fond of using the gadgets before bed, it is compulsory to use this feature. Night Shift When enabled, the screen will lower blue. The screen will turn yellow, these conditions make it comfortable in the eye.

Initially this feature must be set directly in the Settings section. Often the release of the update, Apple finally put the Night Shift button in the Control Center so it's easier to activate.

Users enabled automatic activation feature set Night Shift, from sunset until sunrise. Or can be set manually by the hour. Unfortunately not all devices that can taste it. Such devices ex. iPhone 5, 5C fifth-generation iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

2. Notes

Apple give more attention to the Notes application. Now users can put a password on every record made in the Notes. Alternatively, you can use Touch ID to access the records.

How to use, the notes you made, press the share button located in the upper right corner. Then press the Lock button at the bottom of the Note. Enter a password, verify the contents and hint. If you want to use the fingerprint sensor then slide the button to the right Use Touch ID.

After setting the password, we'll see the note in the Notes list. But then if you want to access the required password or fingerprint to open it.

3. News

This application also participated experienced some polish. As a result makes the user more comfortable while reading the news in it. One of the most noticeable changes is the availability of landscape mode on the iPhone. This is very useful especially those who use the iPhone 6S Plus.

There is also a new swipe gesture to Like, Share and Save. Users also now possible to play videos by default, embedded within the content. As well as a list of Trending in the search section.

4. Health

In iOS 9.3, users can enter the Apple Watch Activity statistics on the application dashboard Health. The application itself has undergone a number of changes in appearance. When in Day view, the widget shows three rows of ring activity and statistics. While on the other timeline (Week, Month, Year), the widget also shows a graph of activity over time.

Further, the application of this Health helped advise application that can be used by users.

5. Activity

When the user is wearing Apple Watch and connecting it to the iPhone, it would appear this application. Activity Through this application we can view more details about a workout that has been done.

There is a selection of filters to search by type of exercise or the date recorded. Users can also view a summary of the activity of the month-by-month totals and average.

6. 3D Touch

When launched last September, many Apple applications do not yet support 3D Touch features. Now in iOS 9.3 update, a number of applications already given support to pressure-based features on the screen.

These applications include Settings, Weather, Compass, App Store, iTunes Store and Health. Besides the 3D Touch can be used on WiFi and Bluetooth icons in the Control Center so that settings can be faster. Read more at

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